Mediation Is Different Than Court

At Irvine Mediation Group, we focus on meditation involving construction, real estate and real estate financing. While our mediator is a trained attorney, we do not provide legal representation. Instead, we work exclusively as a mediator, but with one significant difference: we are especially skilled at mediating construction disputes, matters involving real estate, and the financing of these projects.

We Understand The Construction, Real Estate And Real Estate Financing Business

We are different from many mediators in that our mediator has 20 years' experience with real estate development and construction, as well as the financial issues that surround these projects. We have operated a real estate development company and have built homes and other construction projects.

Are You An Attorney Needing Mediation?

Our mediator is very experienced with construction matters and if you are an attorney wanting to mediate a dispute, we can help. We also work with real estate professionals and have substantial expertise with situations involving real estate financing disputes.

Mediation: You Remain In Control

Mediation is not litigation. Litigation is adversarial, with a goal of winning. Often a victory is obtained at great cost. In a mediation, we do not act as your lawyer. We work to help both sides reach a flexible and innovative solution. Mediation can help you resolve your dispute, without the risk and expense of litigation.

Confidential And It Stays That Way

With mediation, you and your other party must agree. As your mediator, we do not impose an outcome or force any position. In addition, because the outcome of mediation is a contractual agreement, it remains confidential. For sensitive business dealings as well as with family law disputes, this can prevent a great many personal and confidential matters from becoming part of the public record in a court case.

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Life is too short to spend it in litigation. Delays in projects and real estate transactions can eat away at your profits and your business. Call our Nashville office at 615-543-5932 or use our convenient online form to tell us about your dispute.