About Irvine Mediation Group

When you have a dispute, you may think court is the best way to resolve your issue. A magisterial judge will review the evidence, listen to both sides and rule, wisely, 100 percent in your favor. Here's a secret: Courts do not function in that fashion. They are busy, busy places, judges are swamped with cases and the process is horribly expensive and slow.

An important distinction about Irvine Mediation Group: Our mediator, Jeff Irvine, is not a licensed attorney in Tennessee. He is an attorney by training so he understands the law, but his focus is mediating disputes.

Broad, Real-World Experience

Jeff Irvine also worked in the mortgage industry, construction business and real estate development, and as an EMT. How does this help you? It means we are focused on one thing: Resolving your issue as quickly as possible, with a real understanding of how delays and disputes can harm your business far more than the compromise needed to resolve your issue ever will.

Life Is Too Short To Litigate

Sounds like a one-liner, but it's true. The machinery of the courts is necessary for some issues. But for the vast majority of issues, they are like a 16-pound hammer being used to open a peanut. If you are in the construction business or are an attorney representing such business, you know delay is an eternal enemy. Every minute costs you directly or indirectly.

But disputes are a funny thing. People can become so invested in a certain perspective that they can lose sight of the overall goal. That's where we can help. As your mediator, we do not function as your lawyer or judge and we don't impose a decision upon you. But we can help you see solutions that are "outside the box" that a litigation mindset can't foresee.

Mediation Helps You Resolve Disputes Collaboratively

We listen to both sides, explain the relevant law and help you individually or together, and work toward a solution that may not be perfect, but is vastly superior to being bogged down in months of discovery and court hearings.

We help you see that when you are in court, you are not doing your job and it costs you beyond the court costs and attorney fees.

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Life is too short to spend it in litigation. Delays in projects and litigation costs can eat away at your profits and your business. Call our Nashville office at 615-543-5932 or use our convenient online form to tell us about your dispute.