Experienced Business Dispute Resolution

With most business disputes, there are two costs. The actual cost of the dispute resolution, which typically means attorney fees, court costs and any ancillary costs associated with hiring a lawyer. But there is the secondary cost, which may appear intangible, but is all too real. Litigation is very demanding of your time, energy and focus, which is taken away from your business and transferred to your dispute.

We Save You Time And Get You Back To Business

With mediation you can save on both. Our mediator at Irvine Mediation Group is trained as a lawyer and has 20 years' experience in the mortgage and finance industry, the construction industry as well as real estate. We understand the types of issues that appear in business disputes and are able to help you resolve your disputes in a rapid and timely matter.

Less Distraction, Less Stress

Mediation is much less stressful than litigation, and saves you the psychological tumult that often accompanies formal litigation. Even the preparatory proceedings can be stressful. Do you really want to spend a day in deposition, answering hundreds of minutely detailed questions? With a mediation, we can typically resolve your issues in a single afternoon.

Flexible And Innovative

We also have much greater flexibility in timing and location. Courts are exceedingly busy and you may wait days, weeks or months simply to have a single hearing. A trial can take months of discovery, pretrial hearings and finally the trial. Most litigation settles before you roll the dice and let a jury of random people decide your issue. Why not avoid all that time wasted and expense and resolve the dispute as soon as possible? Our mediator can help make this happen.

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A day in mediation can save weeks or months in a Tennessee court. Delays in projects and litigation costs can eat away at your profits and your business. Call our Nashville office at 615-543-5932 or use our convenient online form to tell us about your dispute.