Help For General Civil Mediation Matters

Remember more than 90 percent of all litigation settles before a final verdict is rendered by a judge or jury. Why? Risk — few litigants or their attorneys are willing to risk spending the enormous sums of money necessary to litigate any matter only to receive nothing, or worse, potentially pay the full value of the other side's claim. When you settle a claim, you know what you are getting.

Do You Really Want A Day In Court?

While you can have your "day in court," it will extract a serious toll on you both monetarily and emotionally. The Irvine Mediation Group can help you avoid these issues and settle your civil matter quickly and efficiently. We help you reach the resolution in a civil mediation you likely would have obtained during months of arduous litigation, but with mediation, it may take only hours or a few days.

Mediation Saves Time, Money And Stress

Speak with anyone who has endured significant litigation and they are likely to tell you the value of preventing the emotional stress and tension that those proceedings produce. Whether you are represented by a lawyer or want to work out your dispute on your own, we can help. Our mediator has a broad experience with law and business, and we understand how important it is to settle a dispute quickly and help you move on with your life.

Our Experience Can Help Resolve Your Dispute

For disputes involving business, law, finance or even medical care, we can help. In addition to our experience with the real estate, construction, and finance and lending industries, our mediator worked as an EMT/first responder for 16 years, giving him a unique perspective and deep insights into disputes involving health care, medical malpractice and other similar issues. And we are a certified Rule 31 mediator in Tennessee.

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A day in civil mediation can reduce your stress and resolve your dispute. We can help you arrive at a reasonable resolution to many disputes. Call our Nashville office at 615-543-5932 or use our convenient online form to tell us about your dispute.