We Can Help With Your Family Law Dispute

When it comes to family law matters, there are often many issues in dispute. Nonetheless, in most cases, you will need to submit to mediation before bringing matters in front of a judge. The family courts of Tennessee are very busy, and they would like to have people resolve their issues without needing the resources

Want A Judge Deciding Your Family Law Issue?

You know your family. You know your children. And you likely know your soon-to-be former spouse, perhaps a little too well. And you certainly know all this far better than a judge or their clerk ever will.

They will create a parenting plan or visitation schedule that they believe is equitable and fair. But they have no idea if it will work. And remember, if you have children, you will be living with their decision for many years to come.

We Can Help Reduce Stress During A Divorce

With our mediator at Irvine Mediation Group, we can help you find what will work. Courts are intimidating. Other attorneys or lawyers often strive to be as intimidating and frightening as possible. There is a lot of stress with every procedural hearing, let alone when a judge decides material issues.

With a mediation, you and your spouse work in an informal setting. Our mediator is not your lawyer or judge; we can explain issues of law, but only you and your spouse can fully resolve your issues. But we can help by providing clear explanations of each point of view, clarify what the law is and how courts typically decide issues.

Can You Compromise?

You will not get everything exactly the way you want it, but you won't suffer a significant loss in a mediation. You must agree to every decision. Mediation demands compromise. If you think this sounds like a viable alternative to months of painful litigation, we can help you with your family law mediation.

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