Real Estate & Construction Finance Disputes

It's always about money. The problem with real estate and construction issues is there can be a great deal of money and multiple parties. There may be multiple levels of financing, some dependent on other events or parties. Some financing can be complex and it may be difficult to identify an innovative finance method from a predatory loan. When something goes wrong, the cascade of issues can rapidly become complex and it may be difficult for any one party to understand exactly what is going on.

In this circumstance, these problems can increase the chances of misunderstandings developing into fully fledged real estate disputes. If you are a real estate professional or attorney representing another party, our mediatory at Irvine Mediation Group can help you resolve your issues in a cost-effective and innovative fashion.

Save Your Business Relationships With Mediation

One problem with litigation is that it often leads people to develop uncompromising positions. After all, hiring an lawyer and the time and expense of litigation may seem to demand a clear 'winner.' Working in Tennessee on real estate or construction projects, you may encounter many of the same developers, contractors and financiers.

When a dispute arises on a specific project or transaction, winning that dispute in your favor may seem a positive outcome, but you may have to do business with these people or entities again. Do you really want to win at all costs? Mediation can produce a solution that not only allows your project to move forward, but also preserves your relationships for all those future projects.

Confidential And It Stays That Way

Mediation has the advantage of being confidential. A mediator issues no written finding or 'ruling' and there is no public record created. Sensitive business dealings, financing or interests are kept from becoming public knowledge and this can help further your future efforts to work with parties who may be involved in a disputed matter.

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