Quickly Resolve Your Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes can develop in a near infinite variety of circumstances. They may develop between the buyer and seller, real estate broker or agent, between the parties and an inspector or appraiser. They can involve financing, contract negotiations, real or perceived conflicts of interests, breach of contract, unlawful detainer and many other issues.

How Mediation Can Resolve The Problem

Real estate is unique. That's one thing that makes it different from other types of disputes. Every piece of real estate is unique, so when a dispute occurs regarding that property or the transaction, there is no easy way to walk away from the deal and obtain that property.

Flexible And Responsive

Irvine Mediation Group can help, because we have infinite flexibility in coming up with a solution. We work with you and help you resolve your issues. Mediation is not bound by rules of court or procedure. It does not rely on court hearings that may take months to obtain. You are not forced to accept a decision by a judge. And you don't have to disclose any sensitive issues and make a public record of those issues.

In addition, we can work with you as soon as you are able to meet. In some cases, it may be possible to perform the mediation via a telephone, providing you with even greater flexibility to resolve your real estate disputes. We work directly with the parties or with your lawyers or attorneys.

More Than 20 Years Of Real Estate Experience

As a current Tennessee real estate broker, our mediator has over 20 years of experience working in the real estate business allowing us to understand the full range of issues at hand. We have real world experience with all aspects of the real estate transaction process and this experience allows us to help you develop innovative resolutions.

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We can help real estate professionals facing disputes. We know delays in completing a real estate transaction or dealing with other disputes can be expensive and inconvenient. We can often resolve a dispute in one day. Call our Nashville office at 615-543-5932 or use our convenient online form to tell us about your dispute.